2/4 Head SJ-320TS

Eco Solvent Printer
Printer Head:   2/4*EPSON I3200-E1
Printer Resolution:  3200DPI
Printer Speed:  139sqm/h
Printer Width:  3200mm
Printer Ink:  Eco Solvent Ink
Printer Media: PP PVC,Vinyl,Backlit,Mesh,etc
RIP Software: Maintop, Photoprint,Onyx,etc.
Epson I3200-E1 Head
2/4pcs printhead are optional, which can effectively improve printing speed.
Epson I3200-E1 Head
Leadshine Motor
Professional brushless motor, with sufficient power, low noise and long service life.
Leadshine Motor
Auto Skip White Function
Automatically skip when printing, save printing time and ink, and reduce costs.
Auto Skip White Function
Front Heating System
Intelligent heating system, drying ink quickly, and the material can be wound faster.
Front Heating System
Printer Details
Secondary Ink Supply System
Secondary Ink Supply System
Combination of large ink cartridges and secondary ink cartridges is used to ensure smooth supply of ink.
High-precision Platform
High-precision Platform
The platform has high flatness and small error, ensuring printing quality and reducing damage rate.
Paper Take-up System
Paper Take-up System
Automatic paper take-up system, the winding speed is moderate, the winding is neat, and it is convenient for storage.
Moisturizing Capping Station
Moisturizing Capping Station
Lifting capping station, automatic nozzle cleaning, flash and moisturizing, to ensure printheads are in good condition.
Model SJ-320TS Eco Solvent Printer
Printhead Type:Epson I3200-E1
Head Clean: Auto Cleaning, Flash and Moisturizing
Quantity 2 4
Printing Speed 2pass  80㎡/h 2pass  139㎡/h
3pass  55㎡/h 3pass  108㎡/h
4pass  42㎡/h 4pass  79㎡/h
6pass  30㎡/h 6pass  54㎡/h
Printing Width 3200mm
Ink Type Eco-solvent Ink,Water-based Ink
Ink Color CMYK
Height of Head Print 2-5 mm (Variable)
Print Media PP PVC,Vinyl,Backlit,Mesh,etc
Media Feeding Method Roll to Roll, Leaf
Color Management ICC Based, Density & Curves Adjustment
Optional Device Heat System: Extra Dryer Device
Take-up System: Auto
Computer System Windows7  Windows8  Windows10
Data Transmission Port: Giga-bit Ethernet Port
Hard Disk: More than 500G, ATI Mobility Radeon,Memory 4G or above,
CPU: Intel 4 i5 processor or above
Power Supply 50HZ/60HZ, 220V, 10A
Temp. 15-30℃
Humidity 35%-65%
Machine Size 4665*1000*1525mm
Package Size 4815*1100-1650mm
Weight 750kg
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