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What should I do if eco solvent printer has the phenomenon of flying ink?
Some eco solvent printer users have reported that eco solvent printer has phenomenon of oblique spraying, flying ink. In fact, this is all caused by "temperature". It is hoped that users should pay special attention to following points when using banner eco solvent printer.
Banner Eco Solvent Printer
1. Working ambient temperature

If temperature is too low, banner eco solvent printer will appear oblique spray, flying ink, and false pictures. When user finds that image of test strip is blurred, he can use an electric heating fan or a hair dryer to heat up printhead to avoid such problems.

2. Prevent static electricity and dust
Excessive static electricity will increase work loss of eco solvent ink printer and affect life of print head. Therefore, user should turn on humidifier at same time when turning on air conditioner to increase air humidity. humidity should be kept at 35%-65%. Keep a distance to avoid condensation of water droplets and cause short circuit of board. In addition, ground wire is best way to export static electricity.

3. Choose good ink

When purchasing ink, users should choose ink with good weather resistance and quality to prevent phenomenon of oblique jetting and ink breakage, which will affect life of print head. It is recommended that users choose stormjet original ink, imported raw materials, smooth use, little influence on viscosity by temperature, and continuous output for a long time.
Eco Solvent Ink Printer
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